I called you Adam because…

My dear son Adam, my sweet baby boy
You were born in the month of November
As I looked into your eyes- I found love and joy
I love you and I will protect you but remember


I called you Adam because Adam is universal
Adam was the first man on earth – thus he was the first!
Adam was the father of us all thus Adam was quintessential
Adam lived before race and color divided us- he is where we merge

My dear boy,  my heart trembles in fear
When leaders talk about building walls
And call Global Warming hoax, when they dont care
And when they treat people like hay dolls

My dear boy, My heart trembles in fear
On every terrorist attack-on every bomb blast
It is not a safe world anymore- beware!
With Sadness I reminisce the past

And then I look at you – my son
My Adam, my beautiful baby boy
You are my hope, my little one!
You are my life, my love, my joy!

I called you Adam so you will be above
Any walls that separates us from the rest
You will be pure and absolute love
As a human- you will be the very best!

So my son, I want you to remember
You are not brown, red, yellow or white
You are human – humanity is at your center
Go out there and shine like the brightest light


About AQ

I am Adam's mom :)
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2 Responses to I called you Adam because…

  1. What a beautiful serenade to your little Adam


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