April 2nd-First 3 months

First Month
As I brought you home- I realized I know nothing about raising a baby
You would cry and I would cry with you- my confidence was a big may be
You had your growing pains and I knew not what was the best
I was worried, I was sick, I was tired and I needed rest
Not being able to understand you, to give you what was best made me mad
I had given birth to a miracle, best gift and yet I managed to get so very sad!

Second Month

After trying so hard, I gave up on what I can’t provide
As I focused on what I can do to keep you happy and alive
I looked into your glistening eyes
You only wanted to be loved- I realized
Which is after you have been changed, burped, fed!
Your eyes are the best textbook that I have ever read!

Third Month

As you smile beside me-makes me think I may be doing something right
Looking at you being happy and content is the most precious sight!
You hold my finger in your tiny hand so strongly-special bond between mother and son
I look at my hands- how big they look when I hold your tiny hands in them – my little one
I teach you things but you have taught me too
You have showed me how to love and I love you


About AQ

I am Adam's mom :)
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