Napowrimo (13/30)-April 13- Ghazal – brings me hope

The twinkle in your eyes brings me hope

The warmth of your smile brings me hope

When I look at your beautiful face; I see

Faces of my ancestors; that brings me hope

Those shinny eyes are a gift from my mom

And her warm memories brings me hope

That color in your complexion reminds me

of my grandmother and the brings me hope

That nose; high and proud; of my forefathers

shows that we will live on ; brings me hope

These little feet of yours would go to places

That I have only imagined; bring me hope

These little hands of yours will built things

and write beautiful words; brings me hope

You are my little hope; this brings me hope

I will live on through you brings me hope


Challenge today was to write a Ghazal.

This was surprising for me because I didn’t know this form of poetry existed in English.



About AQ

I am Adam's mom :)
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