Napowrimo (21/30)-Fridays- Overheard Conversation

I saw her on the bus to work every Friday
Have a Goood day” Cheerfully she would say

And then disappear until next Friday
A strange man walked up to her one day

and said he; “how come we see you say..
Good Morning only when it is a Friday

and not even a word on any other day
You ride as if you have nothing to say

“It is because I love only my Fridays”
She said and went on ” and maybe Saturdays..

Sundays are spend thinking about dreadful Mondays.,
I get Monday blues and I recover from them on Tuesdays

Boring middle of the week and nothing more are Wednesdays
And Thursdays are a whole day until my beautiful Fridays”

He said to her; “looks like you spend six days..
of your week waiting for your beautiful Fridays

If you live to be seventy years old someday
And you would reflect on your life one day

You will see that you lived for three thousand six hundred and fifty days
And that you have wasted in waiting Twenty One thousand nine hundred days

And each of those days could have been a Friday
If you had tried finding brightness in that day

Why not start now and find Fridays in all your days
Let Blue Mondays be beautiful as any of your Fridays

Let the dreadful Sundays be delightful as your Fridays
Let there be a smile hidden somewhere in your Saturdays

Welcome the warmth of your Wednesdays
Be Truthful to yourself on Tuesdays

Be thankful for yourself on Thursdays
Be happy, be positive, be radient-always

After that day I saw her on the bus to work everyday
“Have a Goood day” with a smile she would say

His words changed her life and mine too
So much wisdom wrapped in words so few

Challenge today was to write a poem that incorporates overheard speech.


About AQ

I am Adam's mom :)
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